How to Make Your Hair Feel Shiny and New! Reborn

I want to have shiny and new hair for all my holiday parties and I need a little relaxation from all the holiday shopping and decorating, who feels me?
I decided to pamper myself with a Reborn Treatment by TIGI available at Panache and Co Salon. I use the Awakening shampoo and conditioner at home but felt I need a boost, so into the Salon I go for The treatment.

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If you haven't had this done well you should. The Reborn treatment starts with an analysis of your hair, which I found interesting, I love that kind of stuff. My stylist then took me to the dimmed lighting shampoo area and massaged/cleansed my locks with the Reborn Shampoo and Conditioner, can I just say WOW! and the smell is heavenly, and I asked for the warmed eye pad to make it more sensational ( be sure to ask for the eye pads).

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I then was taken to a small nook in the salon (dimly lit of course)with a great coral like chandelier and given a nice hot cup of tea and honey. My stylist then layered on the Reborn Treatment inch by inch and the wrapped my head in a soft, lush turban. I sat catching up on the latest people magazine gossip until it was time for my rinse. Let me say this if you really love... someone this is the gift you will want to get them. This (treat)ment gave lasting shine and healthy looking hair, perfect for this party season.

Happy Holiday season people


How to achieve the Mara Hoffman Fall 2014: New Upton Hair

Nick Irwin Creative Director for TIGI international gave us the modern Uptown women with the Juxtapositions of Pop for Fall 2014 hair fashion. I can totally see this look being worn to a holiday event, club or a wedding with the right Mara Hoffman outfit. If you’re curious How To: create this lovely hairstyle please read on.

At Panache we love Fast Fixx Style Prep as a great base for any blowdry. This fantastic product protects against heat of 450 degrees F, I would say that makes this Detangle/Hydration product a must have for most of us.
  1. Apply the Fast Fixx throughout your locks and blow dry. You’re looking for a smooth textured look. Be sure to make a strong side part as this will give freshness to your Uptown/Boho look.
  2. One of my favorite products, the Styling Cream in the Sessions Series by TIGI Catwalk, is then applied chin level down to your ends. The amount of product depends of hair density and texture. Now French Braid, if you want more wave break into medium size braids working into one.
The Styling Cream has the buzz ingredients of the past few years, Aragan Oil, Shea Butters and Keratin. The ingredient combo is amazing, as it gives body, shine and cuts your drying time a scoach.
  1. You can diffuse dry the braid or sleep on it, ladies choice.
  1. Once you braid is set, gently undo the three individual sections of hair and add Motor Mouth by TIGI Bedhead. A little goes a long way with this cream; the benefit of Motor Mouth by TIGI Bedhead is its Humidity Resistant and on dry hair adds sheen and details to your style.
You’re almost there. Now most of us are home alone attempting these hairstyles and I bet you’re wondering how the hell am I going to make that little braid in the back! And spray it GOLD!
I tested the look using a long wig and the results of this step had only the slightest of variation from Mr. Nick Irwin’s Mara Hoffman Fall 2014 shape.
5.  You take a medium size claw clip and secure the hair just at your bra strap. Now gently move the hair over your shoulder to start your braid. As you will be braiding the underside of the braid make sure to work the strands under not on top.
Now lay your little braid on a solid piece of paper and apply your gold or silver colored hair spray. DONE! Well let it dry or the color gets on your clothing. If this section is a bit overwhelming ask for help or skip this part and add a gold hair accessory

I can see this look being worn to a holiday party, or a paired down version (minus the gold braid for everyday look. I love that more women are using their hair as an extension of fashion and can’t wait to see your look. Post on Facebook with the #PanacheCoBeautySD so we can see your creation. Be sure to add which Panache post is your inspiration 3>

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Happy Hunting


The Seasonal Migration of NY Fashion Week TIGI Talent Team Members

As some of you know the seasonal migration of a TIGI Creative Team Member to a far of fashion land known as NY Fashion Week is upon us. We intend to give you a backstage view on both Beauty by SW Blog and the Panache Blog throughout the coming weeks, so be sure to check in. Until then lets review the MBFW Fall 2014 Shows and TIGI Magic produced by +MrNickirwin .  and the TIGI Talent Team members.

Mr.Nick Irwin Creative Director TIGI shot Beauty by SW Blog

This is backstage at the Mara Hoffman Show for her Fall 2014 Show during the MBFW at Lincoln Center. Mr. Nick Irwin spins his magic not only on the runway but he's a talented DJ as well. He has been working with Mara Hoffman for several seasons now and both parties seemed to have found their groove.

Fashion Blogger MBFW Backstage Beauty by SW Fashion Blog

I love the dip dye gold tips of this finished look by Mr. Irwin and the TIGI Talent Team. The simplicity of groomed waves moving into the polished gold braid is a winner in my beauty insider view, simple because it's perfect chic alternative to the ponytail.

Beauty by SW Fashion Blogger

For all you Karen Angel fans, here is a quicky of the fireball backstage lending her talent to Mr. Nick Irwin's TIGI Talent Team. 

Besure to check in on Beauty by SW and the Panache blog for more MBFW Fun!


MBFW Swim at Mara Hoffman:How To

Mara Hoffman Bohemian Rhapsody

TIGI Latest product (Bodifying Spray) was used-

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Nick Irwin Tigi Creative Beauty by SW Blog

For you girls that have more wave to your hair this look is perfect.

  1. Just add in TIGI Bodifying Spray product in the evening and sleep on it. Note: If your hair is straight, use the 3 braid method (one on either side and one or two in the back) and start your braids at eye level.
  2. In the AM flip you head over and with a large comb or your fingers comb through. I love to use my fingers.
  3. Next take your TIGI curl stick, winding forward 1-2 inch section where your hair needs the boost, starting at the check bone. This will add that bohemian textured style Mr. Nick Irwin (link is a Trend Video) and his TIGI Talent Team served up at Mara Hoffman Miami Swim 2015. 
Until September 4-14th MBFW 


Soboo Camera Ready Miami Swim MBFW

Bondi Beach Swim Beauty by SW Fashion Blog

Beauty by SW Blogger Fashion Shows 2015

 Can you say Queen Khaleesi of Game of Thrones and Bondi Beach Girl had a baby it would be the Soboo Girl. Inside plaits were loosely done on the top of the head back to just below the crown, then a braid was taken on either side of the head and pinned just under the top braid. To get loose hair, soft Bondi Beach wave the TIGI Tongs were used on the hair that remained down. I love SOBOO swimwear, it’s so fierce. You definitely need a fit body for these looks. I have till next year to work it all out so I can wear SOBOO swimwear for spring/summer 2015.

Fashion Bloggers Beauty by SW Miami

Beautybyswblogspot Street Style Fashion Week

Once again Mr.Nick Irwin nailed it with the hair to make this collection sing.

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Juicing Your Way to Health Hair, Skin and Nails

With Smoothies and Juicing becoming more of a staple in our daily lives it’s important to know which fruits and veggies are in season.
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via Williams Sonoma Juicing
A great link for you to try this weekend is Ripetrack.com.
This is from the cover page of the website.

All produce tastes best during the part of the year when it naturally ripens. Strawberries are sweeter when sun-kissed in the summer, and some squashes don’t get full and flavorful until the fall. Not only does food taste better in season, it often has a higher nutrient content too. And if that wasn’t enough, fruits and vegetables are usually more affordable when they are naturally in abundance. Eating seasonally is better for your body, tastier on your tongue, and lighter on your wallet!

Doesn't it just make you want to picnic or go to the beach this weekend. 

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Most of the stylists at Panache & Co Salon have a favorite recipe that they have shared with their team members and maybe some of our clients. I think we should have a smoothie/juice off at the salon in June. The stylist with the tastiest recipe will win a Whole Foods $50.00 Gift Card. Don't you just love a good, healthy cook-off, Or in this instance a juice-off. In the mean time try out one of the yummy smoothie recipes above.

Beauty by SW Beauty Blogger

The other link we love is the Harvest Calendar of San Diego. If you're into local grown produce, this is the link for you. Download this for your trips to the Farmers Markets that are sprinkled throughout San Diego County.  Here are the Farmers Market’s and the days of business from the Harvest Site. 
I can tell you from personal experience my skin and hair have never felt better. Look for my juice fast post at the end of July.

We hope you enjoyed this Fridays Links We Love series and hope you share this post with your friends and family and spread the love. Look for more fun post throughout the Panache & Co Salon Summer Season.

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